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Christian Corbet is regarded as one of the foremost figures in Canadian art today with a unique position of melding science with art. He is well known for his creative portrait of the likes of British Royalty to woman of great accomplishments to, of course, his forensic facial reconstructions. He solidified himself in the forensic discipline 20 years ago with nearly all of his subjects and subsequent reconstructions of them entering into science journals, history books, and even museums. Canada has known no other quite like him and now his work, along with that of his colleagues talents, have been taken to perhaps the highest challenge with the rebirth of a new face of King Tutankhamun.

Corbet has received many first in appointments from positions created just for him with the Royal Canadian Navy to The Royal Canadian Regiment among others. 

Corbet is also recipient of numerous awards to include the Diamond Jubilee Medal and armorial bearings and a badge from the Canadian Government among others.

A frequent lecturer and career influencer he will often tell his audiences "From the moment you woke you rose to art. From the forks you eat with to the clothes you wear, you are experiencing art. From the roads you travel to the buildings you, enter; it's all art. Art is a constant in our lives and all around us and always will be. Sports couldn't exist without the arts, nothing could. Take that with you for the remainder of your lives and you will come to understand art is everywhere all the time. You too are art!"     Christian Corbet


 - University of Guelph

 - McMaster University Anatomy Laboratories

 - Private Tutelage under Dr. Elizabeth Bradford Holbrook, CM.

 - Private Tutelage under Dr. Andrew Nelson


 - Federation International de la Medaille

 - Canadian Portrait Academy

 - Canada House

 - Buckingham Palace

among many others


 - Government of Canada 

 - British Museum

 - Canadian War Museum

 - National Museum of Ireland

 - Royal Collection

 - National Coin Cabinet of the Netherlands

 - Rijksmuseum

 - Sterling Smith Art Gallery and Museum

 - Naval Museum of Halifax

 - Royal Canadian Regiment Museum

 - Government House New Brunswick

 - Government House Nova Scotia

   among numerous others worldwide.

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